Ptak Warsaw Expo has recently opened the autumn fair season. In the halls of the largest congress center in this part of Europe, preparations for the next extraordinary fair are just beginning: Construction Machinery Exhibition and Tools & amp; Hardware Show

Both events are related to the construction industry, but were profiled differently by the organizers. The Construction Machinery Fair is devoted to civil engineering, while the Tool Works Fair focuses more on finishing activities. Thanks to the fact that both events take place at the same time and place, their representatives can establish cooperation, which will translate into the development and improvement of their companies.

INNOVATIVE STANDS | Ptak Warsaw Expo treats the Construction Machinery Exhibition and Tools & amp; Hardware Show with exceptional attention. As the largest trade fair and congress center in this part of Europe, it wants to pay particular attention to the strength of its technical department during both of these events. It is this department that takes care of the shape of the exhibition stands, which have recently undergone an extraordinary metamorphosis.

One of the great innovations introduced by Ptak Warsaw Expo was the departure from offering exhibitors ready-made stands in favor of those fully adapted to the needs of customers. What’s more, the Ptak Warsaw Expo center has moved away from building an okta stand, which is the most popular material among trade fairs, to a much more modern combination of wood, fibreboard and carpeting.

And all this to welcome thousands of visitors on September 30, who begin their celebration in the most aesthetic and comfortable conditions among all the fair centers in this part of the continent. What attractions have the organizers prepared for them?

ATTRACTIVE FAIRS | Two extremely important accompanying events await the participants. The first one is STALCO Show Zone , where the premiere equipment will be presented companies and overalls. The second will consist of VOLVO Operators Club , promoting stunning technical and manual skills industry professionals.

To participate in both trade fairs, you just need to register for one of them. More information about them can be found at: Warsaw Construction Expo – Construction machinery fair and Warsaw Tools Show – Tool fair.