Construction Machinery Show

The International Fair of Construction Machines is the new, third edition of the construction fair organized by Warsaw Ptak Expo. Dedicated for the suppliers and recipients of the developing construction industry. The International Fair of Construction Machines represents a broad spectrum of companies and institutions divided into four main thematic zones. The new look into current trends and innovations in the construction industry. An ideal place for creating optimal conditions for business development and for establishing international trade relations.

International Trade Fair for Building Machines – one place connecting people from the entire construction industry. All around construction sites. Roads and bridges. Building and sanitary installations. A place of people daily improving our living and communication standards. The place of construction companies, professionals and industry experts. Management of the roads and new investments. The world of heavy construction machines and construction tools, construction sites, roads and foundations. Sewer and ventilation systems. Scaffolding systems and advanced steel constructions. Meeting place for suppliers and customers. New trends and building innovations. Investors and decision makers, now in one place. Take part in these three days of – constructing, building and developing – a modern market for construction machines. Please feel welcome to join us.


See our industry range

Construction sites
  • Construction machines
  • Construction vehicles
  • Lifts, platforms, conveyours
  • Tools, construction equipment, dedicated systems
  • Handling and processing concrete and mortar at construction sites
  • Formwork and scaffoldings
  • Road signs
Production of building materials
  • Production of Cement – lime – gypsum compounds for building materials
  • Machines producing concrete and pre-fabricated components
  • Machines producing asphalt
  • Machines producing gypsum and gypsum plasterboard
Extraction and processing of raw materials
  • Machines and vehicles for extraction and handling of raw materials
  • Processing and handling of minerals
Components & Services

  • Water and sewage installations
  • Ventilation and air conditioning solutions
  • Distributors of vehicles machinery and heavy construction equipment
  • Machinery and tools rental
  • Distributors of spare parts and components
  • Measuring devices
  • Communication - marking -navigation

Ptak Warsaw Expo

The largest International Trade Fair and Exhibition Center in Poland and Central Europe, which was established to organize trade fairs, congresses, conferences and commercial events.

The center is located in the suburbs of Warsaw. It has 143,000 m2 of exhibition space in six pavilions and 500,000 m2 of outdoor space, which can be used to organize exhibitions as well as outdoor events.

Warsaw Expo was created for the most demanding organizers who appreciate the quality and innovation of the building. This is a place prepared for handling the most difficult technical events. This is possible thanks to excellent technical solutions and modern technology, which was used during the design of the object.